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Here is no war standing one beside another one drink beside another one bigger than another you're so Schik and got power dancing one beside another saying one word or two yours are louder peaceful people in this place love is in this place good thoughts in this place harmony is in this place here is no war war is on the other shore far away from your full pocket far away from your full glass hey are you happy hey are you happy hey are you happy ground fall out from underneath my feet and I do sometimes feel lonely bar like my time machine bright light blending me in my eyes letters flattering plan with more illusion less reality reflecting happiness in this sadness plan in my pocket message sending me empty bottles inviting me darkness bearing old dried beer stains perfume mixed with sweet sweat reflecting happiness happiness falling out of your eyes happiness on burnt skin
New ride 05:22
New ride through this and that throw this take that throw up this swallow that shake hands in the dark my horizon breaks apart and my heart breaks my ride on outside window due drops dry like tears and silent cry somebody waves from outside ticket paid let's start new ride
Like life itself the sun is shining on her white morning dress while she moves curtain aside and looks up her short black hair still wet some drops on her shoulder she is so pretty pretty like a life itself trying to catch soap-bubbles a kid blows from a third floor it's November morning but unusually warm she breaths in and breaths out looking busy but yet holding the moment so pretty pretty like a life itself she would throw her dress out of the window and it would ride on the bubbles and she would dance with the child she combs her hair and she runs runs and she runs she has a lot of things to do today before she disappears on the left corner she looks up to see her life to live
Golden Isle I ride on a whales back he will bring me safe to my golden isle raving sea against me I have salt in my eyes holding on to his slippery back through the waves I command faster I shout and not deep down I see my isle on horizon I smell the palms I smell my wealth at last I have hoped to find the sea is calm now it glitters it's peaceful its friendly you won't see what it swallowed you won't see what it's hiding under its glimmering coat it's a secret deep down through the waves I command faster I shout and not deep down
You better sing my world is all I all I ever ever thought about is my world is all you ever told me to believe in there was a land I believe I believe I had only in my head with perfect man and perfect house and perfect dog and perfect kids it occurred to me I have to wake up but I can't I have to sing to sing to sing to sing fool sing fool you better you better you better you better sing fool I got to let you got to let they have let me sing fool my brother in white clothes my sister in red my neighbor yellow my kid in black man in black man in black sing fool sing fool sing my world is all that ever ever was laid down in front of my feet my world is all was ever told me to believe in my world is exchanging old worn out clothes with memories my world is grabbing for water and not being thirsty I have to sing here for all I have to sing here for all sing fool sing in this Situation you better sing in whatever situation you better sing
The Piano 02:41
Everybody wants to be free walked the streets on January the first spent lots of money the fog all around me it's still smoking and I'm choking kids picking up fireworks from streets to set off again and I am turning to hate hate this desire for the big party for what for what is this a new beginning for same old things to go on has something changed and I am turning to hate where are you pharaohs of today between us yes you are pharaohs of today deserting our home our home pharaohs of today grabbing grabbing grabbing


Popol Vuh is still alive
the beginning of German electronic music
Florian Fricke lives on in his piano and Moog tracks in the middle of our new project "Popol Vuh Beyond"
a new Berlin soul mood in the timewarp machine
from one old member of Popol Vuh and a new balkanian voice
in the spirit of Florian's musical genius
It was a great journey for us to continue Florian's legacy.
enter and let yourself be thrilled


released October 7, 2020

Written and composed by Biljana Pais and Guido Hieronymus
Produced by Biljana Pais and Guido Hieronymus
Florian Fricke old recordings

This album is new remixed and remastered by Guido Hieronymus.
check it out

we are going to perform this album on Time Zones Festival in Bari on 17.10.2020


all rights reserved



Popol Vuh Beyond Berlin, Germany

electronic artist/producer team based in Berlin.

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